Ambiente Mare provides brokerage, storage, treatment and disposal services for liquid and/or special hazardous and non hazardous sludge, deriving from both the industrial and port sectors.
The entire platform is specialised in the treatment of oil and water emulsions generated on-board ships and in industrial and commercial plants operating within the ambit of the port areas; In view of the authorisation to deal with 100.000 tons annually, it is capable of receiving and disposing of additional types of waste (mainly industrial) such as:

  • paint booths;
  • landfill leachates;
  • industrial emulsions;
  • oil sludge;
  • tank cleaning;
  • acid and alkaline solutions;
  • grey water.

The structure is complete with its own chemical analysis laboratory and specific equipment, which allow for the carrying out of accurate and timely waste sample tests both during preliminary conformity assessments but also during consequent deliveries, as well as precise control during the various process phases of the treatment plant.