Italterminal S.r.l.
Via Classicana, 20
48122 Ravenna
(Ravenna) Italy

C.F. P.IVA 01105520397
Cap. Soc. € 6.010.000,00
R.E.A: Ra n. 120911


Manlio Cirilli



Italterminal, headquartered in Ravenna, in Via Classicana n. 20, was founded in 1989 as an authorised port company (as per Art. 16), to carry out the ship’s cargo loading and unloading operations, and which – on behalf of the client – is then stored in its yards and warehouses as per customs procedures.
The Terminal handles the blending and bagging of fertilizers. In this market Ravenna holds a leading role in Italy and Itaterminal covers 20% of the local market handling 250.000 tons of processed fertilizers. The plants have a blending and bagging capacity of up to 3.000 tons per day.



The Terminal handles various types of goods and provides logistics solutions for chemical products used in the drilling and oil extraction sectors.
Italterminal was built in full respect of environmental laws: in particular, the wheel washing system, the vacuum suction hoppers and ISO 18000 which certifies safety in the work place in accordance with the Protocol agreement between the Port Authority, Port Companies, Associations and Trade Unions.