Structure & WareHouses

The establishment stretches over 70.000 sqm of which 18.000 is a covered area and 52.000 of yards.
The warehouses are further divided as follows:
Three for bulk goods of about 3.500 sqm each of which two are connected by a shelter.
One warehouse of about 4.800 sqm located in front of the public quay, formed by n.2 closed warehouses, of about 900 sqm each, in the centre of which the bagging equipment can be found.
A warehouse of 2.200 sqm.
Some of these structures are realised to store agricultural products.
On site, there’s also an electrical booth and a small two-storey office building of a little over 300 sqm.

N. 2 stainless steel weighbridges.
N. 1 accumulation tank for stormwater runoffs.
N. 1 reusable water in a closed circuit wheel washing system, equipped with a settling tank.
For the handling of goods the establishment uses the overlooking quay, measuring 500 m, equipped

N. 2 cranes with lifting capacity of 65 and 40 tons respectively.
N. 2 self-propelled dust suppression hoppers.
N. 4 bucket machines
N. 10 forklifts