Navenna Sr.l.
Via Trieste, 143
48122 Ravenna
(Ravenna) Italy

Fiscal Code / VAT Number 00173970393
Share Capital  €114.000,00
R.E.A.: Ravenna n.35286


Manlio Cirilli



Navenna S.r.l. is a Maritime Agency headquartered in Ravenna in Via Trieste 143 and is a services company addressed to ships and ship owners extending also into other sectors of maritime traffic: loading/unloading, customs clearance.
The company guarantees its services in all Italian ports in oil and steel industry bulk products. Since 1991, it provides assistance to cruise ships calling at the port of Ravenna, collaborating with companies such as Pullmantur, Costa Crociere, Princess Cruises.
Navenna has during the years also partnered with Kasan Tankers, Croatia Line, Sidermar and Gruppo Ferruzzi. At the moment, Navenna is collaborating with Halliburton, Eni, Enel, Exxon Mobil, Crystal Pool, Cafimar, Colacem, Cauvin Agricoltura, Arpa Spa.



As issuer of customs declarations, the Agency looks after the necessary paperwork relating to the import of bulk cargo, oil products and containerised goods.
The Group’s experience gained working with the ship owner company Petrokan has allowed for the better understanding of ship owner needs down to the finest detail, in order to best satisfy these.
Already since 2001, Navenna Srl, has been ISO certified in accordance with standard UNI EN 9001:2008.; this together with other competitive advantages deriving particularly from its specialisation into certain product sectors, have allowed the company to consolidate its service offering through the attainment of an additional fundamental goal: that of activating a company-wide system for the handling of highly qualified services.