The presentation of the M/C Rec – oil RONCO owned by Secomar spa and the new plant treating grey water containing light hydrocarbons owned by Ambiente Mare spa, took place this afternoon. Both companies are controlled by Petrokan spa, a company group with a long history in the port of Ravenna. Amongst those present were Deputy Mayor Mr Giannantonio Mingozzi, the Provincial Councillor Mr Eugenio Fusignani, the port’s Harbour Master Comm. Roberto Ruffini, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mr Gianfranco Bessi, the Customs’ Director Mr Mauro Minguzzi and numerous representatives of the local and national productive sectors.
The Petrokan group was founded in1957 as a ship-owning company of tankers used for the provision of bunkering services to ships in the port of Ravenna and transport of oil products in the Northern Adriatic.

Over the years the Group has diversified its activities also to include the environmental sector with its two companies Secomar Spa and Ambiente Mare Spa whilst also providing direct sea freight
services specialised in dry cargo through its company Pk Dry Cargo Srl.
During 2010 Secomar and Ambiente Mare have given rise to investments in excess of 5 million euros through the construction of a new barge M/C Rec - oil RONCO, with a load capacity of
about 1.250 cm, used for the transportation of oil products to ships (bunkering) and the collection of
grey water containing light hydrocarbons with a low flash point.
The unit vessel was constructed in full compliance of national and international standards in terms of safety and environmental prevention thus with a double hull and tanks equipped with a vapour recovery system to protect the health of workers during loading.
The new tanker in the Secomar fleet will replace the old flagship Assunta Ravenna and will be used alongside the other tankers Savio and Senio. In terms of marine pollution prevention and remediation, Secomar can rely instead on the naval vessels Secomar Due, Secomar Tre and Secomar Quattro.
Both the tankers and the pollution prevention vessels are capable of also collecting the liquid waste generated on board ships to be subsequently delivered to Ambiente Mare’s treatment plant.
Ambiente Mare’s platform plant covers an area of over 9.000 sqm and is authorised to handle 100.000 tons/year of liquid waste and/or hazardous and non-hazardous muddy waste generated both in the port and industrial sectors.
The new section of the plant is dedicated to the collection of grey water containing light hydrocarbons and has a storage capacity of 500 tons.
The treatment process allows the recovery of hydrocarbons and filtering out of clean water that can be subsequently put back into the sea.
This will allow for the widening of the range of services offered by the Company and will fully satisfy the port sector needs.
Petrokan’s Managing Director Mr Manlio Cirilli, believes that through this important investment Ravenna will become the only port in Italy capable of treating grey water containing flammable products.
For the Deputy Mayor Mr Mingozzi “ the consistent investments made by Secomar and Ambiente Mare allow the port of Ravenna to be the only one in Italy capable of treating grey water containing flammable products; I’m very pleased that we’re able to satisfy the port sector’s requests and to improve the treatment process, recovering the hydrocarbons and filtering out the clean water that can be put back into the sea”.