Secomar S.p.A.
Via del Marchesato, 35
48122 Marina di Ravenna
(Ravenna) Italy

Fiscal Code / VAT Number 00982850398 
Share Capital € 426.400,00
R.E.A: Ra n. 112339


Manlio Cirilli



The Secomar S.p.A. Company operates in the environmental sector and provides the following services:
  • Prevention and reclamation of polluted sea waters;
  • Collection, transport and send off for treatment of the liquid waste produced on board the ships;
  • Cleaning of sea waters;
  • Provision of oil products and on-board ship supplies (bunkering)

Secomar has been awarded by the Port of Ravenna’s Harbour Master’s Office the concession to run the service for the prevention and reclamation of polluted sea waters and ship supply of oil products services within Ravenna’s Maritime area. It has also been awarded by the Port Authority of Ravenna the concession to run the service of liquid waste collection produced on board ships and the cleaning of Ravenna’s port canal sea waters.

The Company is an active member of the Castalia Consorzio Stabile S.C.p.a., owner of the contract agreement with the Ministry of the Environment for the patrolling, monitoring and sampling of the sea waters and for emergency interventions for the removal of marine pollution.

Founded in 1986, its legal and operational headquarters are based in Marina di Ravenna, Via del Marchesato 35. It avails of a quay overlooking Ravenna’s port canal in the Piombone Canal zone, with a sea front of about 60 meters, a depth of around 20 meters for a total stretch of about 1.200 sqm.

The quay is mainly used as a berthing zone for ships involved in anti-pollution and liquid waste collection services and as a point of unloading directly onto the treatment plant of the associated Company Ambiente Mare Spa. 

For the carrying out of all its services the Company avails of a corporate fleet made up of:
  • 3 tankers, one classified as Rec-oil;
  • 3 anti-pollution vessels, all classified as Rec-oil;
  • 1 vacuum truck authorized for ADR transport.

Secomar’s company team is made up of 30 highly experienced and professional personnel members. The entire Maritime staff of all levels and functions has attended specialised courses in Italy and abroad on the principle techniques used to fight against marine pollution and the behaviour of pollutants in the sea according to the IMO Training Program – Level 1 and Level 2.

In addition, Secomar is also an operational partner of Saipem S.p.A. providing ENI E&P with an emergency response marine anti-pollution service within Italy’s central north geographic areas.

  • Registered in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators in category 4 class E, collection and transport of special non-hazardous waste and Category 5 class E collection and transport of special hazardous waste;
  • Certified SOA, category OS 15 grade II - Cleaning of sea, lake and river water.

Since 1987, Secomar has been commissioned by all Coastal Depots present in the port of Ravenna, to organise on their behalf an around the clock marine anti-pollution service.

All services are provided in full respect of and in compliance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001.
Since March 2008, Secomar has obtained the certification of its own system of managing oil tankers in terms of safety and anti-pollution and in accordance with Regulation EC n.336/2006 (implementation in the Community of ISM Code).