Pollution Prevention within the port:
Is carried out on behalf of all the Coastal Depots present in Ravenna’s port canal and consists in the around the clock continuous presence of a duly equipped naval unit and with specialised crew (SECOMAR TRE is usually deployed) ready to respond in around 20 minutes from the time the request is made in the case where the naval unit is not already present on site.

The activity is also supported by the presence of n. 6 roller furlers, containing floating booms, posted in strategic zones in proximity to the coastal depots, ready to be used to close off the canal from one end to the other or to circumscribe the ship with a view to containing the spill and preventing the polluting product from reaching the open sea or the “piallasse” lagoon areas.

Off-shore Pollution Prevention:
Is usually carried out using the naval units “SECOMAR QUATTRO” or ”SECOMAR DUE” as these adequately respond to the necessary characteristics and equipment features needed for the service to be carried out.

Pollution reclamation:
The pollution reclamation service is guaranteed by the naval units SECOMAR DUE, SECOMAR
TRE ,MONTEROSA and SECOMAR QUATTRO which, depending on their type and equipment used, floating booms, disc or suction skimmers, Rec-oil capacity, bring innovation to avant-garde levels.
Considering the type of activity (very discontinuous and occasional), particular attention is given to crew training and periodic drill programs which provide for highly professional and experienced crew members.

Liquid waste collection generated on board ships:
The service consists in the collection of waste water (bilge water, sewage water, grey water) generated on board ships and which are berthed in or at anchor outside the port of Ravenna.

This service is carried out through an emptying suction vehicle or using the RONCO, SAVIO, SENIO tankers or “SECOMAR DUE” and “SECOMAR TRE”. All collected waste is disposed of at the storage and treatment plant for special hazardous and non-hazardous waste of its subsidiary company Ambiente Mare Spa, which operates following special authorisation by the Province of Ravenna.

Bunkering Services:
On behalf of Eni and other Coastal Depots, the provision of oil products and on-board ship supplies are carried out, in and at anchor outside the port of Ravenna through the tankers RONCO, SENIO and SAVIO.